Friday, May 27, 2016

Rabbit troubles

It came to me as my hostas outgrew the cloches I made for them that I might need something more permanent and better built. I got to looking on line and things are pricey and don't look like they will last a season or 3 but there was one inspiration. A bell shaped cloche in wire with a chicken wire wrap. I got my old tomato cages out but found them tough to cut. Had to buy a bolt cutter which made quick work of it, then covered it in this plastic coated wire. Neato.

Cut to the top of the third ring from the top. Left plenty of stake length and could actually use the second half to make a smaller cage. Laid it out on a 2 ft wide poultry netting and folded the top over about 3 inches. Secured the sides a bit then set in over my hosta that is taking a beating at the moment.  Plenty of room to grow, open top so I can still enjoy the plant and the leaves can breath. Yay me!

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