Thursday, May 19, 2016

Potting Up and rabbits are getting fat

Bird of Paradise, Torenia and Begonias
Just starting to plant the buckets this year and starting to mix things up a bit. A lot more begonias especially the Angel wing variety with big double flowers as they seem to do well in the back with mixed shade.

we found a new trailer we like, Torenia, blooms in bright purple,  pink or white flowers like a snap dragon and trails down the side of pots. We did find our favorite, Mezoo, trailing red at one off the nurseries but you have to look in the succulent section. Its still a little pricey but it does winter over in the upstairs bathroom quite well.

Rabbits are in full force this year, moving barriers over plants and taking out whole hostas not even leaving the root stock. I have a vole in the front garden too that removed all traces of Asiatic lillies that bloomed so well last year. The critters are eating everything and anything except irises and weeds. Last year the took out nearly all my Moonbeam coreopsis, any Echinacea they can find and any lily that pokes up.

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